Our history

Our company Gebroeders Geelhoed B.V. was founded in March 2013. Initially we started to specialize in national and international tank transport. We, brothers Lars and Niels, were both working in tank transport. We were working at the same company as our father Joop Geelhoed. The transport company we worked for went bankrupt early 2013 during the economic recession.

So, we decided to take the big step to start our own business, despite the downturn in the economy. We both started with one truck for different clients. Lars worked with tank containers and Niels started driving bitumen.

Demand increased, and there was more work than the two of us could handle. We had to think about growth; should we hire people, or do we keep driving together?

Our father Joop joined our company in 2015. He was already unofficially involved in the company, but mainly helped us in the background. As of that moment, Joop had his own truck. That not only gave us an extra set of wheels on the road. Dad had been working in tank transport since 1985 and in gas transport since 1993, so he also brought a depth of experience.

The contacts that dad had built up over the years in gas transport also came in handy for us. Because he enjoyed working in this field the most we added gas transport to our services.

From 2014 to 2018, we stepped up to speed and expanded our fleet significantly. As our company started growing, we became more visible to potential clients.