Gebroeders Geelhoed

Always on the move to improve

Since our foundation in 2013, we have always been on the move to improve. When we established Gebroeders Geelhoed in 2013, we, brothers Lars and Niels, were still working as drivers. By our experience we know exactly what matters to clients in national and international transport. That is why we continue to improve our services every day, and keep innovating in the field of safety and sustainability.

Our trucks matter a great deal to us and we devote the utmost attention to them. Good equipment is half the battle, and that should be presented! The fleet currently consists of 25 trucks with 20 different chassis.

Our fleet consists of 25 trucks in top condition

Why choose Geelhoed

Quality and safety are our key priorities. Our people are qualified, and we do not make any concessions on our equipment. It keeps our business in great shape and gives us the ability to deliver top performance every day. We provide a suitable answer to your transport challenge.

Quality and safety
Decisive and personal
Traceable and trackable
Sustainable and environmentally aware