Always on the move to improve

Gebroeders Geelhoed

We do not consider ourselves a standard transport company, we look at transport as a top-class sport. In essence, we take care of the transport from A to B. But, to us, transport is more than that. A top athlete will always have to and want to strive for better, be in top condition, and work hard to achieve goals. A top athlete is always on the move to improve, and that’s our device too.

Our answer to transport

Safe and sustainable transport of chemicals. We transport non ADR and ADR 1 to 9.
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Your gas transported safely. Obviously according to the latest safety requirements.
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Need a custom solution for your transport question? Challenge us!
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Why choose Geelhoed

Quality and safety are our key priorities. Our people are qualified, and we do not make any concessions on our equipment. It keeps our business in great shape and gives us the ability to deliver top performance every day. We provide a suitable answer to your transport challenge.

Quality and safety
Decisive and personal
Traceable and trackable
Sustainable and environmentally aware

Skilled and reliable on the move with Geelhoed